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Splendid for a first timer

Dang, who made the music and FXs for this? The audio in this movie was simply awesomely integrated, although the animation was a bit too much motion tweens. The characters were a bit like statues on a skateboard, and that kindda ruined it. Thins to improve: Release the characters from the paralyzing spell that has been cast upon them - also, make them a bit more interesting to look at, then make a longer movie, and you're all set :D

Helikopteret responds:

Okey :D Thanks for the review :D

Awesome!! (No pun intended)

I must say, this was really hilarious! I haven't laughed so much in front of my computer since MGA2! Though, I got to be honest, you didn't really catch the soul of the Awesome series. But no worries, because the animation worked perfectly and the humor was just great! Something to improve on is probably the sound quality (I know its hard with that accent, but still...) and then length, 'cause I wanna see more!

Promising... but:

You actually seem to have potential, well, here is some thoughts:

Increase thickness of your lines! A good looking stick don't use size 1!
Make sure the limbs are connecting properly so the legs don't go though his other parts... it will only look bad on you

But try to keep on animating sticks (they rock when they're at their best!) though make something else than a dancing stick. Maybe if you added more characters and some sweet backgorunds camera movement etc. then it could pass.

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This is what ninjas are all about!

This was really funny!! So much good i only want to talk about the bad:
The Ninja... he looked a bit weird.
The blood and shurikens on the ground stayed the same place when you advanced in level (maybe that was on purpose?)
The fact that it was arcade style. It could just have been a feature, so you also added a campaign, training stage etc.
That's about it, if you could fix/add this, i would give you a 10 :)

Just not enough..

I saw your last attempt, and i must say that this is better. Though there are a couple of things that could be misunderstood, and also some spelling errors. Besides that, i think you should try to add more stuff, come on, i know you got something in your head to spread!!

This could be fun!

This could turn out as a fun game, but this ting here does need MAJOR improvements lol.

Addictinggamesstaffy responds:


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This is something that could be a great background music at many points in games (excluding horror)
I am amazed if you didn't use some sort of MIDI program to do this! Or else, all of you guys own and play too many different instruments!
Try make this a loop next time :)

Helikopteret responds:

OK! :P Thanks!

I can pronounce "rød grød med fløde" ;)

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