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Posted by TripleDK - February 13th, 2012



Posted by TripleDK - February 16th, 2010

I've been sleeping a lot... Life as a 16-year old is hard and tiresome!
Also, I have released a movie with movie that isn't plain stick animation =O !! ! ! !
It ended as being my lowest scoring submission :/ I guess people like their Stick, so maybe I'll make another one...
Anyways, I have actually been making some things since then, mainly a game I'm making with SimonFP. High hopes on this one!! Should be done in a month or two (because we are lazy >:(!! ).
There are also some small movies in the making (you know, the kind you make all the time and you end up scrapping 97,26% of them?), but God/Darwin/Spagethiman knows if they'll ever be finished...........


Milestone and up-tos!

Posted by TripleDK - December 29th, 2009

^ Mah burfday is the 30th... stupid timezones!
I'm old now!
I can buy beer now!!
I can drive mopeds now!!
I have to pay double ticket fees for public transport...

Also, project updates coming sooner....

EDIT: Is no longer mah burfday!

Posted by TripleDK - December 26th, 2009

For the first time in 14 years!!!

Also... project updates coming soon...

Posted by TripleDK - December 11th, 2009

Ok, project updates!!
First of all, I've joined Open Ocean Productions, and have almost finished my debut for them (which will be non-stick). At the same time I got a game coming up. This is actually a school project, which means I will have a lot of time next week to work really focused on it. It's actually going to be quite epic, although there will be many in-house references you may not get, unless you go to the same school as me.
Another school project is a music video. The thing is though, that it's going to be in Danish, and most likely be a YouTube project. Still, I'm quite excited about it, because I'm apparently going to sing (yay?), and I have already made the song, which I think is pretty good, so the recording of audio and video is going to be done next week.
Other music stuff; my band just recently made a new song, which is totally kick-ass. Definitely the best song we've ever written, and hopefully we'll keep up the steam and write a few more, before we begin our gigging season.

Going into the next year... I'm thinking of remaking an old game I once made, which actually got some good reviews here on NG, but ultimately got blammed, since it was kind of a demo. This time I'm thinking of really making it a complete game. With in-game achievements, and everything! Hopefully it will be good. Maybe I will also make a game with OOP, but who knows.... Exciting times...

Posted by TripleDK - September 21st, 2009


Update: !

Posted by TripleDK - May 11th, 2009

So, I was checking my YouTube channel (which mainly consist of non-flash crap I made long time ago) and noticed a wall comment by a certain "TastyTeo". Apparently he had ripped off my last submission Patrick vs. Sticks from NG and uploaded it on YouTube! Well, at least my name is still in it and he says in the description "NOT MINE". But still... I didn't know YouTube would rip so much stuff from the net that they would take my silly little unfinished movie. On YouTube I don't get ad money >XD

EDIT: Apparently TastyTeo's YouTube account got deleted... Well my movie managed to rack in 39 views first, lol :P

Posted by TripleDK - May 4th, 2009

So, yesterday I went to the confirmation of Patrick00206, and to celebrate that, I rushed everything up so I could upload the sequel to Samir vs. Sticks:
Patrick vs. Sticks!!!
Oh yeah... I forgot to make a news post about that one... Well, it was something I did with Sanime (pronounced Sa-naim, not S-animé), and it's well, short... But it was fun to make and it was awesome to get a 2.76 score for a 5-second long animation :D
But now is this new one starring Patrick, which is improved in every part (although, according to reviews, Samir was a better actor :P)!! I'm very happy for what happened with this new submission. First of all, I got a "Good Score"!!! Which means I beat every single one of my good NG friend Healyman's submission (in your face :P)!
Also, because of the green light it got on the Flash Portal, it almost beat my old movie's view count in under 2 days! And with all the views I have almost accumulated 1000 views in total :D Also, someone favorited it!!! :D A lot of milestones have been reached on my part :D Also, (again) someone reviewed Samir vs. Sticks (and since it's a bit old, I believe it was found through Patrick vs. Sticks -> Related submission), and gave me my first 10 review score :D Lastly: I MADE EFFING MONEY!!!! $$$ Through ads I've so far made a CENT!! All in all, I'm very happy :D

On future things: I don't think I'm going to make anymore "Real-life vs. Sticks", at least not anytime soon. But I am currently making a Dragon Ball-themed sprite animation (yes, sprite animation... don't hate XD), and I've been working on it a bit before, so if I find a cure against my ADHD, I might be done with it this summer :)
Audiowise: My band has really improved lately, for example we kicked out the annoying singer (*prays she doesn't read this... ever!*) and picked up a bassist, who seems to be a keeper :D A good thing is, we've been in talk with a local band, and they might lend us help in recording some stuff which should be a lot better quality than the crap thing that's out now :3

So... Awesome :D

Lots of good stuff happened! Also: things I forgot...

Posted by TripleDK - November 21st, 2008

Ok, I've been extremely inactive for a couple of months (though I have still been visiting the site almost daily), I really don't know why... My animations are also going really slow because I'm extremely lazy, and just got my copy of Wrath of the Lich King (sorry, it has SIEGE ENGINES!!!!). Another reason would be my new band: The Broken Schoolbus!! Currently, after a few months we have made 1 song, and a couple of covers. and I have just submitted our cover of the AC/DC song "T.N.T."
It's definitely not perfect, and it was our first try on recording it. Also, we had limited equipment which means, acoustic guitar (crappy, and therefore non-existing solos, also very low in volume), electric drumset, and we used a cheap headset to record with! But we'd love to hear feedback on what we can improve other than that :D
When we play it with proper equipment, it sounds at least 4x better, and we also play the really cool outro. We're trying to see if we can record some other stuff (in good quality!!), and hopefully even our own song :)
Oh yeah, btw I play guitar :P And no, I can't play any of AC/DC's solos, pardon me :(

Flash-wise, I got some stuff in the makings. One which animation wise is 90% done. I just need to get my voice actor to do his part ( >:( ). Also some other small ones, which is me that is lazy :3
I also got a big sprite movie going, which is about 1:30 minutes... and it could go up to be double the length ;)

First submission to NEWGROUNDS!!!